23rd July 2011 8:16
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Goodevening cassies!

well.. as you can all see i’m really having a hard time in posting scenarios. So I’ll be hiring some fellow cassies to run this blog with so if you’re all interested message me some of your info, your picture, your sample scenario & what makes you interested to be one of the co-runners of this blog. Submission is open until August 15, please help me to run this blog. Jebal 

8th June 2011 7:59
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goodevening ★

Hi.. Well i haven’t updated tvxq scenario for almost a month & i feel kinda sad about it. Please do understand that I’m really having a hard time making time in doing these Scenarios but maybe by this coming friday I’ll make one :) & to those who sent their messages & request its still pending but I’m working on it. Keep sending your request if ever i like one of your scenarios i could make one K ? Thanks. Goodnight everyone.

29th April 2011 8:55
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29th April 2011 3:24
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Tvxq scenario ♥

28th April 2011 2:46
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jaejoonghadsexwithme answered your question: Hi everyone :D


You like one :))) Ok

28th April 2011 2:45
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purplekoreanturtles answered your question: Hi everyone :D

i don’t think anyone would be against pervy scenarios. XD

Well I’m kinda having a hard time making some of.. erotic style because i never tried one sooo.. kinda argggh >.< 

28th April 2011 2:11
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Hi everyone :D

Well rn I’m making some scenarios as i promise. I hope you’ll like it.

Can i ask you something ? Do you like some Pervy scenarios ? hahaha :)))

Tell me if you want some cause i can make some xD ok ?

27th April 2011 9:44
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Dear Followers,

Goodevening everyone :D Well.. I’m really sorry for not posting much these past few days due to lack of scenario. And i felt like some of my scenarios aren’t interesting so i need to study hard in making these scenarios. but hopefully all will return in normal tomorrow. I’ll be posting scenarios tomorrow maybe i’ll write some tonight ok ?

If you all have anything to request or any topic you wanted to have an scenario just message me ok :D

remember guys ! I ♥ U ! especially all of you CASSIES !!!

20th April 2011 7:51
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Dear cassies,

I won’t be updating TVXQ SCENARIOS for 3 days.

i won’t be around because we’ll be going to province so i hope you understand.

But i promise once we got home I’ll post some TVXQ SCENARIOS :D

Hope you’ll understand. & you could send your SCENARIOS via submission & I’ll make those SCENARIOS you’ve sent. 

Sorry for the inconvenient. & Thank you very much :*


18th April 2011 9:43
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